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Review of Kettler Champ 5.0 Outdoor Table Tennis Table

The Kettler Champ 5.0 Outdoor Table Tennis Table is made by German reputable manufacturer. It is a top-notch table that filled with a lot of distinctive and protected features. It comprises of a coated aluminum composite non-glare playing surface. It is engineered to be a water-resistant table no matter under any roughest weather situation.

Innovation and Expertise

Kettler keeps improving their product with the research and development in producing the top quality table. The company keeps on looking for feasible ways of gathering exceptional information on the demands of the modern table from a different level of players.

This makes the company able to stay vibrant and creative in this industry. With the development of their latest technology, the company is just capable of manufactured with the great structure of this Kettler Champ 5.0 Outdoor ping pong table which is very robust and solid.


It is very easy to assemble and can offers players with a lot of flexibility. The installation manual comes with the table is having clear instruction and you can simply follow the manual to carry out your assembly job.

Two people are required to assemble the table and the time needed is about 2 hours.


The top of the table is constructed with Alu-Tec aluminum which is an advanced technology that encapsulating a resin treated board in aluminum. Such construction makes the table tennis table to be very rigid for weather resistant. The technology also can seals the wood of the table permanently which make the table to be very durable.

The thickness of the table is 7/8″ or 22mm. With such thickness, it definitely can offer players with quality and truly bounce.

In addition, the exclusive developments also including the UV-resistant coating, safety system (DEGBM), as well as the tabletop guide.

Kettler Champ 5.0 Outdoor Table

Net and Post

The table comes with a fixed net and durable resin net-posts that having automatic tensioning (DEGBM). The good thing about the net and post is that you no need to set up and remove them every time you play the game. You can just leave them even you have finished playing the game and folded it up for storage. This can save you some time without the need to mess with the net.

The height of the net is adjustable where you are able to set it to the standard height for tournament play. There is also adjustable tensioner for the net.


  • 7/8″ thick absolutely weatherproof sealed aluminum table top.
  • All 4 edges of each top half are sturdily supported by square aluminum tubing.
  • UV fade resistant top coat.
  • Easy to fold and assemble.
  • Dual lock.
  • Aluminum apron for edge support.
  • Having built-in accessories holder.
  • 2.5-inch resin to handle high impacts.
  • Featured with solo play.
  • Compact storage.
  • Weight: 200 lbs (approximately 91 kg)


  • Playing dimensions: 108″ (Length) x 60″ (Width) x 30″ (Height)
  • Folded dimensions: 72″ (Length) x 25″ (Width) x 64.75″ (Height)

Playback Mode

With the available of solo playing features, it is possible for you to play alone even if you can’t find any partner to play the game with you. The flexibility of the table also includes the adjustable size that makes the table can be suitable for children to use.

Leg Levelers

The innovative levelers allow users to alter the legs to the height that you want so that you can play the game conveniently. When you finish playing, you can easily fold the table and it is rather safe for anyone to fold it effortless.

Each leg has a built-in floor leveler where you can adjust the height of the table. This is especially useful if you are placing the table on an uneven floor surface.

Wheel Casters

It is built with 6″ swivel wheel casters. Among the wheels,  two of them are having an integrated locking system where you can lock the table to keep it in place whether it is in playing position or when keep for storage.

Dual Lock Safety

The Safety-Fold with Dual Lock Safety is the patented design for this Kettler Champ 5.0 table. Such design can offer great safety which can prevent unintended opening or closing of the table.

The patented system of the table will only open or close when the user intends to do so, it won’t make by its own without attention.

The available mechanism of the table is relatively straightforward to grasp and use. You can fold the table very fast without any risk and obstacle. Furthermore, with the special compact design for the table shape, you can easily move the table for storage when it is being folded properly.


  • Quality playing surface which is qualified for tournament play.
  • Very durable construction and is weather resistance.


  • The table is quite heavy in weight.
  • Paddle and balls are not included unless you buy the All In One Bundle.

Using Experience

Setting up and assembly of the table is one of the simplest that we experienced with the availability of the cutting edge Kettler’s double-lock mechanism. Anyone can unfold and place the table flat for regular play without any difficulty.

Once you intend to pull it away, the safety features of the implementation of Dual-Lock ensure that it stays away from loosing. An anti-tilt trolley features with 4 rolling wheel casters and skew braking system designed for safe and secure moving.

One more advantage of the table is that it provides you with the storage areas for rackets and balls. This is especially good for players who tend to easily lose stuff and forgetful.

The Kettler Champ 5.0 Outdoor table is having the dimension of 9′ x 5′ which complies with the ITTF regulated table size for international tournament.

Anyway, the casters and folding features will make you easy to move the table to anywhere you want regardless if you want to place it on the backyard or in the living room.

All In One Bundle

If you intend to buy this table, you may consider buying the All In One Bundle which will include the table, table cover, 2 paddles and a 6 ping pong balls. Thus, you can save money by having them all at once.

More of different Kettler table tennis tables can be found with the link.

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