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Review of DHS Table Tennis Racket #A4002

Let’s do some brief review on the Double Happiness DHS table tennis racket #A4002. Double Happiness or DHS is a brand from China and the racket is indeed made in China as well.

Features Of The Bat

This is a shakehand-style and long handle table tennis racket. It is constructed of 7 ply wood which can provide you with express speed and spin. However, the racket can be pretty heavy as the weight is about 200g. So if you are just starting playing ping pong, I wouldn’t recommend you to get this racket as it is more suitable for advanced players.

If you try to play some attacking slope, you will find the shot is very quick and the loop is very fast as well. It definitely can help to increase the power and smashing capabilities for any player who makes use of this racket.

When I first received the racket, I can see it is very tacky and the packaging is displayed very well. You can get this at Amazon for the price is about $29. It should be well worth the price that you pay for considering other websites that sell this model of the blade with a higher price.

DHS racket #a4002

Take A Closer Look At The DHS #A4002

When I first unboxed this DHS #A4002 ping pong paddle, I noticed there is a Hurricane III rubber in red color that is attached on the blade. Some websites stated the paddle will come with Hurricane II rubber but I receive Hurricane II instead. Not sure what’s happening but I am rather happy with it as it is like a free upgrade for me.

On the other side of the blade, the blade is attached with the G888 rubber. Both rubbers are ITTF approved and are no problem for me to use for tournament play.

I can feel the rubber is really nice and you can see an official symbol of DHS table tennis at the top handle of the blade.

I would highly recommend this bat as it can offer you with very high spin and speed due to the tackiness of the bat. It is very ideal for players who do a lot of attacks. However, you need to know that it is not a very robust blade and the overall quality may disappoint the intermediate and advanced table tennis players.

What Are the Numbers of 4002 Represent?

  • 4 represents the star rating
  • 0 represents the series
  • 02 represents the bat

The first digit has the number from 1 to 6. The higher the number, the better the racket. The more expensive the racket will be as well.

The second digit represents the series. 0 is normal, but there are other numbers you can find. Such as the V series is having the number of 4.

The last two digits represent the bat.

  • 01 – Shakehand blade. One side is pimples out, another side is pimples in.
  • 02 – Shakehand blade. Both sides are pimples in.
  • 03 – Shakehand blade. One side is long pimples, another side pimples in.
  • 04 – Penhold blade. One side is pimples out, another side is pimples in.
  • 05 – Penhold blade. One side is pimples in.
  • 06 – Penhold blade. Both sides are pimples in.
  • 07 – Penhold blade. One side is long pimples, another side pimples in.

From my experience, it is best for you to buy the racket with both sides are putting on pimples in rubbers. For the shakehand types, the best one is A4002; for the penhold one, 4006 would be the best for you.

At the market, you can find most of the rackets are of 01, 03, 04, 07.

You can rarely find the 02 and 06 and you may wonder why? Well, this is because the performance of both sides pimples in is good but the market price is the same. Because of the low profit margin, most of the sellers are not really willing to sell these.

How to Know If The DHS A4002 table tennis bat that you bought is a genuine one?

Even though this is a good racket for a player to own, however, due to its popularity, there are many counterfeit rackets on the market that camouflage as a genuine one and sell to customers.  If you didn’t do your due diligent in choosing the racket, you may get cheated and buy a counterfeit racket.

To help you to identify the genuine DHS A4002 racket, you can carry out the following inspection.

1. Check the code

The genuine DHS table tennis bat has a DHS laser anti-counterfeit label on the outer packaging. There is a 12-digit digital anti-counterfeiting code in the middle of the label (Note: the anti-counterfeiting code of DHS is printed on the packaging).

The contact number that you can call to confirm the code of the racket is 027-87480198.

Alternatively, you can log in to the DHS official website at DHS TT. Once you in there, you can enter the 12-digit anti-counterfeiting code to check the authenticity.

2. Check on the anti-counterfeit packaging

The new anti-counterfeiting mark erects a blank sheet of paper behind the security code and then uses a laser pointer to illuminate the racket pattern. If you move the laser pointer, the racket pattern will be changed.

3. Check on the price

The price of A4002 should be around $25 to $30. If you can get the racket lower than this price, you need to be careful and check it out to see if it is an authenticate racket or not. Generally, the lower the price you get, the higher chance the racket would be a counterfeit one.

4. Other external features to observe

A4002 is a short handle, it has G888 rubber for one side and DHS Hurricane 3 on the other side. The color is black and red. There is no fix for which side should be black and which side should be red. The sponge is orange and the handle is generally blue color. You can find many red and yellow diamond patterns on it.

If you are looking to get this racket, you can buy it from Amazon.

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