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Easy Butterfly Korbel Blade Review

Many factors will decide the play method of the player. One of the most important factors is the table tennis racket. It is the main thing that allows a player to give powerful strikes over the table. If it is not perfect for the player, they cannot win the game as they expect.

Therefore, they must be very cautious while choosing their bat. A good bat will save them a lot of difficulties while playing. Selecting a bat is not an easy task because today, many brands and models are in the market, and almost all of them have various specifications and features. Hence people will struggle to choose the best one.

3 Different Types of Butterfly Korbel Blade

I will discuss the Butterfly Korbel racket. There are 3 types for this series: Petr Korbel-FL, Korbel SK7-FL, and Korbel Speed-ST.

Korbel SK7-FL

  • Speed: 8.3
  • Control: 8.7
  • Weight: 95g
Butterfly Korbel SK7-FL Blade

The Korbel SK7 blade is built with 7-ply thick wood. It can be a stiff blade to play with, and it provides you with limited flexibility. The limba that come from the blade can offer you some good feel.

Nonetheless, the blade won’t give you much top speed, and it performs as a semi-fast 7-ply blade. When you hold it in your hand, you will feel the weight is heavier than the actual weight it carries.

Some Good Thing About The Blade

In the context of the inorganic era, various composite table tennis blades are emerging. Even the pure wood blade is also integrated with many new high technologies.

A “natural” blade-like the Butterfly Korbel SK7 blade is more relished by traditional types of players. The blade has excellent control, a stable trajectory, a clear hand feel, and a powerful shot for players.

It is suitable for players who like to play loop in the mid-table. For offensive enthusiasts, Butterfly Korbel SK7 is certainly a blade that they cannot miss.

The most apparent advantage of the blade is that it can give you a very touch hitting feel. The shot can be speedy, and the attacking is very powerful.

All I can say is this a very solid blade for a player to have.

You can get this Korbel SK7 blade at Megaspin.

Petr Korbel

  • Speed: 8.3
  • Control: 8.5
  • Weight: 89g
Butterfly Petr Korbel-FL Blade

Petr Korbel is a blade that offers players a higher throw angle compared to the other two similar blade models. It can respond as fast as the Korbel Speed, except that the balls tend to offer players a more substantial arch.

With this, you can conclude that when the bat hits the ball, it will get to its destination less quickly than Korbel Speed. You can get a better feel with Petr Korbel, and the blade tends to perform well in the short game.

You may fall in love with this blade if you love to hold a thinner handle. It is noticeable that the handle of this blade is thinner than other blades. The grip is very comfortable, and you will have an excellent feel with it. You can use the blade with soft rubber, and you will perform good loops and long drives.

However, Petr Korbel’s disadvantage is that it is not good at blocking. You will probably experience too much touch, which makes your blocking fall short sometimes. Although Petr Korbel’s head size is larger, the blade still provides players with an outstanding balance compared to the other 2.

You can get the Petr Korbel blade from Megaspin.

Korbel Speed-ST

  • Speed: 7.6
  • Control: 8.0
  • Weight: 92g
Butterfly Korbel Speed-ST Blade

It is a fast blade built with 5-ply wood. With the 5.6mm thickness, it will certainly offer you excellent spin flexibility. If you try to pull a rubber off the blade, you will feel the flexibility of the blade. You can get a response very fast when the ball hits your way, even without much acceleration. The throw angle is very low and a little bouncy. It can make you feel like you are bogged down in high gear.

Getting the Right Blade For Yourself

Recently, many people are sourcing for this blade. For this purpose, they can prefer online sources that will guide them in the selection process. The reviews given by the users and the experts will give them plenty of information about the different models. By going through all those things, the buyer can make a decision.

It is always better to choose the bat from a leading brand because the top-rated manufacturer will design the bats with the finest features. Hence the player does not have to be anxious about durability and handling. The Butterfly Korbel is one of the best models of table tennis bat preferred by many people today.

Typically most of the bats will be designed by targeting experienced players so that the beginners will struggle to handle those blades. But this model has been designed for both experienced and beginners. Therefore, anyone can purchase and use this product in the game.

The material used in this table tennis blade is Balsa wood, and it is known for its potency and toughness. As a result, the bat will have the utmost strength and make impactful strokes. It is one of the main advantages of this model. In the same way, the player can feel the handle’s grip and hence there will not be any trouble in using the bat.

Apart from these factors, there are many other features present in this table tennis bat. Therefore, the Butterfly Korbel can be purchased by the players. Compared with the other brands in the market, this is a well-known brand for its quality and design. It is worth every penny.

You can get the Korbel Speed-ST blade from Amazon.

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