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Why the Right Shoes Are Important When Playing Table Tennis

Whether you are a complete beginner or a well-seasoned veteran at playing table tennis, you should definitely consider getting a pair of table tennis shoes. Now, you might be thinking that your regular pair of sneakers that you normally wear while you play is just fine.

While there is nothing necessarily wrong with playing a game of table tennis in normal everyday sneakers, there are some qualities you should look for in a pair of shoes that will help improve your game. Luckily, obtaining a quality pair of shoe ideal for playing table tennis should not be expensive at all.

table tennis shoes
table tennis shoes

Characteristics You Need To Check

When going about trying to find an ideal pair of footwear to play table tennis in, there are a few characteristics you should look. First, a good pair of footwear for playing table tennis should be “grippy”.

The sole of the shoe needs to be able to grip the ground really well, as the absolute last thing you want to have happened to you while playing a game of table tennis is to accidentally slip and fall because the soles of your gear were too slippery.

Another characteristic to consider when buying a pair of table tennis shoes is the hardness of the sole. An ideal pair of shoes for playing table tennis will be hard and mostly flat. This is an important feature to have as it allows for you to move sideways much easier than with a softer soled shoe.

A thicker and softer, almost spongy like, sole will make moving from side to side much more difficult, and could even cause you to get tripped up and fall over yourself. And obviously, in table tennis, there is a lot of running from side to side.

Once you have learned about and mastered all the correct footwork for playing table tennis and start doing more training sessions that will require a lot more movement on your part, the fact that you are or are not wearing a quality pair of footwear will make a world difference.

Shoes that are ideal for running are designed with forwarding movement in mind, and thus are not a good fit for table tennis. There is a lot of side to side movement in table tennis, and little, if any forward movement.

That is why a pair of footwear with all the qualities listed above is more ideal than regular sneakers. And remember that a quality pair of shoes does not mean they have to be expensive.


Everyone wants their shoes to be flexible and with good elasticity, but what is the elasticity? For having good elasticity, the sole of the shoe needs to be thicker and the material used is denser. With this, the sole is stepped firmer, and give you more elasticity.

But, even you are wearing this type of shoe, it is not necessarily you will have good elasticity automatically. The key still depends on your playing technique and style. You need to have good playing skill in order to exert the advantages of the shoe for good elasticity.

The players who play a lot of loops in the mid-table with two sides handle, the range of running is huge. The pivot of the body is getting ups and downs. They will do a lot of vertical squatting and this can give a lot of pressure on the shoes.

Correspondingly, the sole itself must be hard and thick enough to give sufficient support to the feet. If the sole is too thin and too soft, it will be through when it is stepped on. It is not only easy to hurt the foot and the knees, but also prevent a player to move smoothly.

For players who play close to the table are just the opposite. They need shoes that are light and easy to wear, such as Butterfly Lezoline shoe. This type of shoe is suitable for moving left and right, laterally squatting, and sliding.

Nice Fit Your Feet

You are the one who knows the best on whether a shoe is comfortable to wear or not. The shape of the legs is different for Asians, Europeans, and Americans. The shape is different in terms of the width of the foot, the height of the arch, and the point of running.

Therefore, as an indoor professional sports shoe, the Asian brand like the Butterfly as a whole has accumulated more foot data of the Chinese, so that it can design a shoe to be more suitable for Asian needs. While for Europeans and Americans, there are also brands that specially cater to the characteristics of their feet.

The companies that make great table tennis shoes for Europeans and Americans are Stiga and Joola. You can check out some table tennis shoes released by Joola here. You can buy the shoe according to the shape of your leg so that you can have a well fitted and comfortable table tennis shoes.


For professional table tennis shoes, they mainly rely on the mesh surface and bottom to breathe. The air is blown into the shoe, and the hand is placed on the side of the vent hole on the side of the shoe to determine the efficiency of the exhaust.

Or you can make an approximate judgment by placing the part of the ventilating hole under the light and watching its light transmission performance. Bottom penetration not only assists in breathing but also reduces weight at the same time.

One thing that you need to know is how the shoe prevents debris from entering inside. This generally is taking care by the shoe companies which are having high design level. Basically, high-grade table tennis shoes will be protected by metal mesh at the bottom.

As the saying goes, good steel is used on the blade. The focus of breathability of sneakers is naturally the most appropriate distribution of sweat glands.

The distribution of sweat glands in the human foot is most common in the soles of the feet and the arch of the foot, followed by the heel and the toes. The larger part of the bottom foot is not the main part of the perspiration.

The part of the sole must be made of mesh. However, due to the arch of the foot, when a player moves his feet, the heat from the sole is easier to get discharged from both sides of the shoe. Because of this, a large area of mesh is placed on both sides of the arch, which is the most economical ventilation design.

For the upper, although the foot surface is not the focus, having more than one ventilation area will obviously make the ventilation to be smoother. So there are usually mesh and air holes placed in the upper and the forefoot.

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