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Various Butterfly Table Tennis Shoes

Let’s discuss a bit about the right shoes to wear to play the table tennis game. And we will focus on the various Butterfly table tennis shoes.

The most important thing for a pair of great shoes is they must be low profile. They need to be able to stay as low as possible to the ground so that they can have better grip and traction with the floor.

So the shoe is usually non-marking, non-slippery and it is pretty dependable so you can have a lot of motion in your foot at the front shoe. At the back, you can have padding that is pretty wide to provide you with a lot of good stability from side to side.

Some of the Butterfly table tennis shoes even have the ventilation hole straight at the front so your foot won’t get slippery. All of the shoes are features with pretty wide over the side as well as low profile.

Shoes ModelsCheck the Price
Lezoline Zero Shoe
Lezoline Sonic Shoes
Lezoline Trynex Shoes
Lezoline TB Shoe
8001 Classic Shoes
Win-5 Shoes
Utop Shoes
Lezoline Lazer Shoes
Radial Cross Shoes
Energy Force Shoes

Great Shoes For Great Footwork

To have great footwork, you need a great table tennis shoe. Are you probably wondering, what type of shoe do I need to play table tennis? If you are serious about playing table tennis, then you will need a really good table tennis shoe.

Now the best thing for you to buy a pair of good shoes is that you no need to pay too much for them. There are a couple of characteristics when getting a pair of table tennis shoes that you need to have.

First, the shoe needs to be grippy. You are going to be moving around the table a lot and you are going to be doing fast footwork. So, you don’t want to get slipping.

The second thing is, you can’t be a runner when the shoe is spongy because you do a lot of sideways movement in table tennis. You are going to trip over on that if it is spongy. So it is really important for you to have a hard sole.

Lezoline Zero Shoe

Lezoline Zero Shoe

The upper body is made of synthetic fibers and reinforcing parts with artificial leather which offers players with a lot of flexibility.

The bottom is made of rubber which can provide players with better grip. The sole soft finishing is great and the lightweight absorbent polyester mesh material keeps the foot comfortable and dry all the time. It offers the utmost flexibility and is specially made for table tennis.

It provides fantastic grip and stability for players. It is suitable to be wear and play on any playing floor surface. It gives you nice support and the look of the shoe is really great. The design is simple and timeless.

All I can see is this is an elegant and effective table tennis shoe. Even though the shoe did not have arch support, but that is not a big deal at all.

Lezoline Sonic Shoes

Lezoline Sonic Shoes Black

Lezoline Sonic Shoes Blue

Lezoline Sonic Shoes Pink

Lezoline Sonic Shoes Yellow
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This shoe is made of EVA midsole which provides good cushion and breathability. There are 4 color comes with this shoe which is white, blue, pink and yellow.

Some people may think that even their outlook is quite attractive, but the quality is not really good. If you also have the same thinking, you should wear them more frequent and you will know it can actually provide you with good grip and flexibility.

Lezoline Trynex Shoes

Butterfly lezoline trynex

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This Lezoline Trynex shoe can be quite comfortable to be worn by people who are having wide footed. By having this shoe, it can give you very good value for the money that you spent. The shoe is featured with the durable rubber sole that can give you a good grip no matter which of the playing surface you are playing on.

The shoe is having a quite stylish and sporty design which will offer you a modern look when you put them on your feet. The shoe is a very lightweight shoe with total weight only 270g. With the all mesh construction, it can provide you with good breathability.

Lezoline TB Shoe

The Lezoline TB shoe is the top model table tennis shoe series that released by Butterfly. You can read more about this shoe by following this link.

8001 classic

Butterfly 8001 Classicbuy from amazon

Some people love to buy the Butterfly 8001 Classic shoes. It is a very lightweight shoe and built with canvas body. It also has a high friction rubber sole. However, the quality of the shoe is not so good due to it is not so durable which can get tear off very fast. However, if you just want a pair of non-expensive shoe to play ping pong, then you can consider buying it.



Butterfly Win-5

The body of this Butterfly Win-5 shoe is made with senior microfiber material and cloth network. It has a novel design and is a low-profile shoe. It is built with good quality and is considered as a new model ping pong shoes that suitable for professional players. This is an elegant and effective ping pong shoe for players.


Utop Shoes

Butterfly Utop Shoes

This shoe is featured with comfort and is of lightweight. The grip is really great and it can provide players with optimal stability.

The extreme support on the stress zone makes it highly reliable. The robust shock absorption balances the foot as well as significantly cuts down on stress. Since the shoe is light, you can move around easily.

Lezoline Lazer Shoes

Butterfly Lezoline Lazer Shoes Blue

Butterfly Lezoline Lazer Shoes Green

Butterfly Lezoline Lazer Shoes Purple

Butterfly Lezoline Lazer Shoes Red

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This is another great table tennis shoes that were released by Butterfly. The shoe is featured with extreme flexibility and grip. Besides the superb quality, the design is really innovative and you are going to love it when you have a pair in your hand. It is accented with a variety of eye-catching textures.

The shoe is available in 4 colors which is blue, green, purple and red. It is of lightweight with the total weight carry just approximately 230g.

Radial Cross Shoes

Butterfly Radial Cross Shoes

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This shoe is featured with dynamic and flexibility. It is comfortable to wear on your foot as it can provide a sturdy grip on any floor surface.

Going for a walk simply become better by wearing these shoes on your foot. You will have a great feel on every stop. You’re going to move and act with more confidence since the shoes are designed with a comfortable fit and breathable material.

Energy Force Series

Butterfly Energy Force III

Energy Force III
These pair of shoes can offer players with various functions and are considered as great performance shoes. Many professional players are wearing these shoes as the shoes are very comfortable to wear and could keep the leg in good shape. It is especially fit for players who are having a wider foot and the thicker socks can give a snug fit when playing on a concrete floor.

Butterfly Energy Force X


Butterfly Energy Force VIII
Butterfly Energy Force VIII

These pair of shoes offers players with topmost flexibility and is specially made from Butterfly for the sport of table tennis. The shoes are constructed with very lightweight absorbent mesh material. When you wear the shoes you will feel cozy and dry for your feet all the time.

The shoes can provide you with great stability and grip. It is suitable for you to play on any floor surface doesn’t matter if it is a gym floor or vinyl concrete.

Butterfly Energy Force XII Blue

Energy Force XII Blue

Butterfly Energy Force XII Pink

Energy Force XII Pink

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Butterfly Win-7

The Butterfly Win-7 can say to be a casual shoe. The upper material is built with synthetic material and the outsole material is manufactured with cow muscle.

It has a breathable feature and lace-up closure type. The shoes are catering for both male and female player. These shoes allow the better footwork so you can move faster and you can have a better grip and traction with the floor.

Radial 808

Butterfly Radial 808

This shoe has very good heel cushion and arch support. It is very lightweight as almost all Butterfly shoes do. The shoe is low to the ground and is very grippy. If you find the side got any broken area, you can always make use of superglue to repair them.

This shoe has some hole at the front which makes your foot stays ventilated and cool all the time. The mesh material that you can find in most Butterfly shoes having such function as well.

General Butterfly table tennis shoe size chart

You may refer to the below size chart for different Butterfly shoes that being measured according to different country’s measurement. By doing so, you will have an accurate figure for you to pick the right size for your table tennis shoes.

size chart

You need to have good shoes, even if you can’t afford the expensive one, you should at least buy yourself a pair that made by Butterfly because they did meet the criteria for a pair of good table tennis shoes.

You may always refer to Amazon website to find out the price for the shoe that you intend to buy. Amazon is a good site for you to get an idea about the price of different shoes and you can do your own judgment before decided which shoes to go for.

If you want to buy for a cheaper price, you should wait when there is a promotion for shoes for sales that being offered with discounted price. Then you can get your ideal shoe with a lower possible price that you want to pay for.


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