Asics Gel Court Control

Asics has introduced a new footwear model -The Gel Court Control. It is a high-tech shoe designed exclusively for people who play fast indoor sports like table tennis. The top model of Asics offers many technical highlights.

It is a top performance table tennis shoe that well matches most of the players. The Gel Court Control is designed to meet the courts’ needs and its foot, with the look, grip, stability, cushioning, soles and breathability.

Asics Gel Court Control
Asics Gel Court Control

Great Shoes for Indoor Sport

The new Asics Gel Court Control has been developed for experienced squash, table tennis, and badminton players who want excellent stability. However, it does not build as high as its alleged predecessor, the Gel Progressive 2. It looks quite different, by the way. From the sole, it seems like the new Gel Blade 5.

Asics Gel Court Control 2

Some people have an issue with its color that comes in red and purple, they would think it is somehow an ugly color to wear on their feet.

Asics Gel Court Control 3

There is a general indoor shoe on the market. And in every sport, it is then claimed that shoes were developed exclusively for a specific sport. That’s where the Gel comes into play as well.

I have a pair of Gel Beyond 3, as I go for a relatively high sole with super damping. However, the size may not be so accurate as of the actual one. Even if the size is 44, it only corresponds to a maximum of 43!

Some people thought that the shoe is a joke for them. They claimed that the Court Control looks precisely like the Gel Blade 5. But the Court Control is once again a bit more expensive. 

A model of Asics looked precisely like the Gel Blade 3, which was selling at a lot higher price.

Asics Gel HUnter II

The size of the shoe that I bought was 43.5 because I have pretty wide feet. My girlfriend purchased the identical shoe size 39, but she found it was too narrow for her feet.

However, the grip seems to be quite good. She was wearing the Asics Gel Hunter II to play volleyball, and even though it was a solid shoe, it just seems to be a bit “thick” for her.

I also found it is a suitable replacement for the Butterfly shoe. Like the Gel Blade 5, it is also a good shoe, and I surely can handle it in a good way. The grip, the weight, the agility, and the proximity to the ground are essential for me.

Of course, including the stability and cushioning play. And the Court Control can offer me all the features. I am delighted with the shoe.

What’s Good About The Shoe?

The dynamic wrapping design of the shoelace of Asics GEL-Court Control shoes makes the feet feel more comfortable during the movement. The low-rebound sponge embedded in the ankles will form a memory foam with the individual feet to create a unique shape.

The shape reduces the gap between the foot and the sole, which significantly improves the comfort feel. The SPEVA has both cushioning and rebounding ability, making the midsole less prone to collapse.

The bottom of the forefoot is designed with a beige bottom and an AHAR material. While maintaining the same lightness and grip, it exerts about 2 times the wear resistance.

The non-marking rubber makes the shoe show no trace of shoe mark on the floor at all. The bottom is made of NC viscous rubber, which makes the shoes can strongly withstand the slip. The grip is more firm as well.

The midsole is made of an elastic anti-vibration piece. It is a reinforcing structure that improves the rigidity of the midfoot and strengthens the foot’s stability.

Put It On and Play The Game

After warming up for 20 minutes wearing the shoe, I have already noticed the cushioning effect. Although it is not as good as running shoes, it offers me a good sense of stability.

There is no dragging feel, and the foot has a good cushion after landing. The rear heel is especially susceptible to the damping unit’s feedback, which provides strong support for the foot and leg.

The outsole of the shoes adds extra points to the grip experience. Without any water stains, it will not slip on a concrete or tile floor.

Even on the wooden floor with some sweat or moisture, it can still offer me an excellent grip. The outsole can smoothly complete the foot movement and the emergency stop at high speed.

The ASICS Gel Court Control shoe represents a high quality, high performance, high-tech, and professional table tennis shoes. The stylish appearance and innovative materials make it stand out from other shoes.

So, go and wear a pair of ASICS Gel Court Control shoes on your feet. Let you be more calm and confident on the court and winning the game.

My Shoes Experience

By the way, I used to have the Gel Blade 5 in contrast to Gel Blade 3, which was indeed flat and direct. While trying the latest release of Asics shoe myself, I just bought the Court Control. It has more damping and more stability on edge.

Since I had both to compare, I think the edge of the Blade 5 is somewhat too soft. While the Court Control gives me more damping over the whole foot and more substantial edges. The lacing is different in court control. 

I find the Court Control good and would recommend it. However, everybody’s foot is different, and also various people did have different preferences. So, everyone should test the shoe for themselves.


Warren Davies

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