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Butterfly Lezoline TB Shoe

It is important for you to choose the right shoe for you to play table tennis. As the shoe required for you to play table tennis is different from other shoes, you need to know how to choose the right one so it can protect your feet well without having them getting injured. There are many players having their ankles get injured due to they are not wearing the right shoes for table tennis.

The table tennis shoe is not the same as running shoe, because when playing table tennis, there are a lot of small steps and movements involve, not like running where the step is rather striding wider. So, you need to get a pair of shoes which can give you good grip and cushion.

You should remember by not wearing running shoe to play table tennis. This is because most of the running shoes are built with a high heel cap and thick outsole. Such a design is preventing you to move side by side. While playing table tennis required you to do a lot of side steps, so this will increase the chance for you to get injured.

Lezoline TB – Shoe that you can consider

The Lezoline TB shoe is the top model table tennis shoe series that released by Butterfly. The shoe is R&D together with German professional table tennis player, Timo Boll. It is an incredibly stable and cozy shoe and it meets all the requirements of an advanced table tennis player.

It accommodates just about all requirements of the world professional ping pong player with substantial grip and shock dampening. The shoe is made from exceptionally breathable material and is features with a fascinating design with attractive colors.

Butterfly Table Tennis Lezoline TB Shoe


  • Lezoline TB Shoes is having one size larger in the sizes in the United States compares to other Butterfly Shoes.
  • The weight of the shoe is about 300g.
  • The color is available in Sky Blue or Navy.

Consctruction of The Shoe

The shoe is built with KPU material which can offer players with high stiffness. It can also provide great help in cushioning the forefoot and protect it from rapid movements.

The bridge-shaped middle sole support sliding motion during footwork. This is especially useful when you are carrying out your footwork training in the court as the Butterfly Lezoline TB Shoe can bring you stable footwork when you put them on your feet.

The wingrip which is specially formed at the outer sole is having a high ability of grip. It can help to correct your movement and prevents distortion of the shoe which happens through the particular movement when you play the game of table tennis.

The special shock absorbing sponge placed between the outer and middle sole of the forefoot can provide good flexibility and cushioning for your feet.

The shoe is having thin outer sole and grippy sole. Remember, you don’t need a thick sole because, for the venue that you play table tennis, the floor is normally built on the sprung floor or ger floor. These types of floors are good in absorbing shocks and giving players with a softer feel.

The other features of the shoe are it is built with one-sided shoe tongue which connecting only the inside part of the shoe tongue. Such design prevents players from undesired movements and at the same time enhances the feeling of a perfect fit.

The shoe can offer a player with a certain extension of their body. You can strengthen your playing style without having to worry about the separation of the shoe when you are moving around the table.

A pair of quality shoes are very important for a player to play in table tennis since the entire performance is dependent upon small and speedy footwork. This can only be possible with a pair of great Butterfly table tennis shoes to drive to their limit.

The Lezoline TB shoe is very good shoes. It is very comfortable and soft with the air intake. You can have a very good grip on any surface. Besides, the shoe also considers very light as the weight is not more than 200 grams. It features low landing and comes with a cool design.

But as you say maybe they are some poor quality shoes that you wear and hurt your feet! If those shoes continue to hurt your feet after 3-4 times, you should throw them away immediately!

I am very strict in shoes because I am heavier than the normal and I look always the shoes which will not make damage on my knees and my feet generally. I personally use the butterfly VIII which have GEL and are made by ASICS so I have less vibration and hurt in knees!


It is always recommended for table tennis players to buy a pair of shoes with lightweight because you can have fast footwork. I bought the shoe a few months ago. The size of shoe is a bit larger to fit my feet, So I bought an insole to let it fit well with my feet.

I have a very good feel with it. It just makes my footwork fast and I can now play a faster stroke.

When you choose the lightweight shoe, you should also check if the shoe is built with lightweight mesh fabric as well. Light mesh fabric without much leather makes the shoe to be more breathable. So it can have good ventilation and circulation which can vent out the heat and make your feel to remain calm always.

And the Butterfly Lezoline TB Shoe is considered a good shoe for you to wear to play table tennis. The price can be more than $100 which is not a pair of cheap shoes for some people. Buy if you need to have a pair of good protection shoes for your feet, then this Butterfly Lezoline TB shoe is definitely the shoe that you can count on.

Price is what you pay, but the value is what you get.

If you intend to buy this shoe, you need to bear in mind that the TB Shoes about one size larger in U.S. sizes than other Butterfly Shoes.

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