Yasaka Rakza 7 Table Tennis Rubber Review

The new Hybrid Energy, Rakza 7, is the latest innovation rubber from Yasaka. The top sheet contains mainly natural rubber gum, which significantly enhances the grip level and the power of spin. The top sheet is also integrated with the “Power Spongy” that works with perfect synergy.
With extra grip, it is easy to control for both direction and distance for the hard stroke. Its durability has improved due to an increase in the percentage of natural gum.

Yasaka Rakza 7 performance chartYasaka Rakza 7 Performance

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Review of Yasaka Rakza 7

It is arguably one of the best new-generation rubbers from Yasaka. It is a phenomenal offensive weapon for all aspects: speed, spin, control, and gears. Given that this is an upmarket offensive rubber, it is commonly compared to its legendary rival, the Butterfly Tenergy series.

Physically Rakza 7 has a harder surface with a lighter weight. Even though its speed and spin power are on par with its rival, Rakza 7 is arguably superior for its controllability.


In terms of defense, this rubber assists you in performing excellent blocks. It allows you to return the super fastball with high precision for both direction and distance. It enables you to control the paces of the game superbly. Also, Rakza 7 is a relatively forgiving rubber (compare to other super-speed rubbers). The forgiving characteristic will help you to return a fair ball even with slight mistakes.


Even though it is not the fastest rubber in the world, at least it is very close. I think its power is on par with Tenergy 05, but Rakza 7 has better control. It arguably contains the best ratio between speed and control.


In terms of spin (which seems to be the highlight of this rubber), it allows you to execute monstrous spin balls from a wide range of speed and distances. It performs well for all kinds of spins (topspin drive, loop, sidespin, or even backspin). It is arguably one of the most powerful spinny rubbers in the market, with a relatively lower throw angle than Tenergy 05.

rakza 7 closeup
Yasak Rakza 7 closeup


Rakza 7 is incredibly great for serve because of its precision of spin, direction, and weight control. This characteristic will help you to open the game beautify.

It is highly recommended for all round table tennis players (ALL+) from intermediate to professional levels (with a relatively high budget).

Product Information

  • Type: Offensive, Super Spin
  • Hardness: Medium
  • thickness: 2.0mm

General Thought

The Yasaka Rakza 7 is made with natural rubber. It is characterized by a large increase in friction and can give players a lot of spins.

With the combination of the powerful sponges, it achieves the strongest effect that complements each other.

 It is the characteristic of Rakza 7, where it uses the right mixtures of material to create the powerful rubber. The stronger the shot, the greater the power it can give you. You can do reasonable control of the ball’s placement even if you perform a brute attack on your opponent.

The hardness of the sponge is higher compared to other Yasaka rubbers. The rubber is sturdy, and it can offer players high friction.

If you try to do a topspin, you will have the impression that the speed and spin are of high-quality with a great arc once the ball is out.

The Rakza 7 can be a top-notch rubber because of its better fault tolerance and great spin.

The speed of R7 is not the fastest when hitting, but the sense of throughput is obvious. I can assure you that you will get enough power with this rubber, and the speed is proportional to the power you exert. The weight of the Yasaka Rakza 7 is slightly heavier compared to other rubbers.

This Yasaka Rakza 7 is excellent rubber. I would say it can offer any player the perfect balance of speed and control. You can generate a considerable amount of spin by having this rubber, which is at the highest level. The lining is quite soft.

The rubber is probably used by many people who focus on enhancing their backhand playing skills because of its softness and high control, despite the relatively high speed. Although the speed and power may not as fast as Tenergy 64 or even 05/05 FX, it is a fast rubber.

My Advice

Rakza 7 is a good rubber. If have a problem with this rubber, try not to give it up too early. Try to train the technique a bit. Doing more wrist movements, and after some time, you will find that the incoming spin’s sensitivity will decrease.

Instead of playing any matches during training, try to train what you are struggling with. You’ll see good effects after some time.

When playing a little further from the table, I feel the power of this rubber. The further away from the table, the rubber can still give me excellent spin and speed. At some point, the performance evens out of what I was expecting. I mostly wanted to finish the ball with a strong hit, and I can make it with this rubber.

Yasaka Rakza 7
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I was using Rakza 7 Soft at first, but after some time, I decided to change to Rakza 7. My problem with Rakza 7 Soft and my playing style were solved with the replacement of Rakza 7. I replace the Rakza 7 Soft (which is a slower rubber that gives less speed and spins for my backhand). I put Rakza 7 on my backhand, and I can now get adequate control with the fast speed and spin that I want.

After all, I like this rubber. I recommend it to those who have had long, heavy workouts at the table and know how to use a good rubber.

Recommended Table Tennis Blades for Yasaka Rakza 7

Super speed: Xiom Hayabusa, Nittaku Tenor

Super spin: Nittaku Acoustic, Xiom Strato

Balance: Xiom Aria, Nittaku Violin, Butterfly Michael Maze

Overall rating: 4.9 / 5

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