JOOLA Chen Defender Straight Table Tennis Blade

When it comes to creating defensive ping pong blades, the JOOLA Company has always been a race leader. The Chen Defender is one of the control strategists created by JOOLA. It is an oversized blade designed by Chen Weixing, a specialist in world-class defensive table tennis.

The JOOLA Chen Defender offers players a new and different feeling in ping-pong play. Various reasons make this straight blade a worthy choice.

ITTF approved

Meeting table tennis standards is essential for ping pong players. The JOOLA Chen Defender meets the standards set by ITTF as a def- to Def extreme blade.

Easy to control

The JOOLA Chen Defender flat surface consists of two Samba veneers glued together by an Enzo glue layer. The veneers offer excellent control and enable the player to have a perfect feel of the ball—also, the blade weights approximately 90 grams.

The weight is sufficient to offer perfect ball control without causing fatigue. The blade guarantees confidence and best control in all circumstances.

JOOLA Chen Defender Blade order from megaspin

Bigger surface

This classic defensive blade has a bigger surface than conventional blades. The large surface is advantageous as if offers perfect ball control. Despite the severity of the table tennis competitions, the Chen Defender’s surface ensures that the player does not miss the ball. Besides, the surface offers an excellent ball bounce.

Straight handle

If you are used to all-around or flared table tennis blade handles, it is time to have a different experience with a straight handle blade. The shape of the handle determines the grip aspect. The tighter the grip is, the better the control.

The JOOLA Chen Defender straight handle a similar thickness throughout. It allows you to have a perfect grip and avoid blade slip-off. Also, the straight handle enables you to flip from back to forehand quickly.

A popular blade among table tennis players

Customers always appreciate a good product. The Chen Defender is a good blade appreciated by the majority of players. JOOLA designed this blade in conjunction with Weixing, a professional in table tennis. You are therefore assured of a blade that meets your game standards and offers you a different experience. The oversized JOOLA Chen Defender provides more ball control.


If you are a professional table tennis player, this blade is good for you. Also, beginners trying to learn and advance in defensive play should go for the JOOLA Chen Defender blade. The blade meets global table tennis standards and is easy to control and offers maximum ball control. Its weight is manageable, and its straight handle allows you to have a tight grip on the blade.

If you are looking for an oversize blade that will take your playing to the next level, this blade is the best choice. It is also durable and gives you value for your money.

If you need more details concerning this magnificent ping pong blade, check out this video.

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