Butterfly Tenergy 25-FX vs Tenergy 64-FX

If you are considering in buying Butterfly Tenergy Series rubbers but still haven’t decided which one you should go for, you may read through this brief reviews of Butterfly Tenergy 25-FX and Tenergy 64-FX rubbers which may give you some ideas on which one you should choose for.

Butterfly Tenergy 25-FX

The Tenergy 25-FX rubber can offer players with consistent attacks for offensive play. It is especially well suited for hard blades. When using your blade with this rubber, it is good practice to work with your hip instead of only using your wrist and forearm on the backhand to push the ball. This rubber can help to make a remarkable catapult effect kicks and gives you a gear you can get from other rubbers.

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When playing, it allows the spin to be imparted on the ball as a result of substantial impact areas. You will experience less affected spin by the opponent because of the small impact area. The ball leaves the rubber faster as the top sheet reacts with the sponge. You also will have less affected spin by the opponent because of the pimples deform that can change the speed and spin.

The Tenergy 25-FX is featured with pips-in rubber which offers you the spin you want. When you want to take control of the game, this rubber can offer you incredible speed when you hit the ball and reach the sponge because of the impact.

It is adept at drop-shots and the top sheet is very bouncy. This makes the ball placement quite difficult especially for those beginners. The rubber is made of spring sponge technology with pimples that cover a larger diameter.

While in reality, each player is different and have distinctive playing style. Every player also has strength and weakness. By having quality rubber like this Tenergy 25-FX rubber, it can assist players to improve their personality and skill level.

Tenergy 25-FX chart

An Alternative Rubber You Can Have

The Tenergy 25 FX is an alternative rubber for most players. It is also a rubber with outstanding performance for many people. I described this rubber to be like a thorny shield. You not only can use it for defense but also can do a counter-attack while defending.

It is typical to use the opponent’s force to return an even powerful shot and take advantage to win the rally. The comprehensive performance is good, there is no obvious disadvantage that I encountered with this rubber, but the special features are outstanding. The Tenergy 25 FX is suitable for players to play at the middle distance or close to the table.

Butterfly Tenergy 64-FX

The rubber is not very heavy and the top sheet is very tacky, if you are a defender player, then this rubber does not suit you because this rubber is made for an offensive player for ferocious attacking.

Speed is the main selling point of this rubber where it can provide a player with very fast speed. If 10 is the full score for the speed, I will give it 10/10. It is the fastest rubber I ever used.

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Spin wise, it can provide a player with decent spin but not super spinny. I got to play with this FX version for quite some time and it can provide with me with decent control as well.

When I first played with this rubber, it is very bouncy and very hard to control. Cause it is made with very overwhelming spring sponge technology. I was doing a regular hit with and miss the table for a few times. But after a few hours of playing with this rubber, I gradually get used to it.

I can tell you this Tenergy 64-FX rubber is fire. It is straight up fine and having super fast response. Basically, once you adapt with the rubber, it will improve your game tremendously. If someone hit a highball, you can simple ripped through it and they will not return the shot very fast.

The only downside for the rubber is the pushing can be a little hard to control. If you hold your racket in about 45-degree angle, you can accidentally pop up the ball and basically give your opponent a chance to smash and make a killing on you.

That’s because of the spring sponge that response very bouncy which give the rubber the speed that amazes you. After a few plays, you will learn how to control to push and keep it low.

Overall, this rubber is meant for attackers but not for defenders and it is the best rubber for backhand. I try chopping with this rubber and it is not consistent and go long off the table because it is a spring sponge.

The price is about $80 and it may be expensive for some people. It is a fantastic rubber and is very durable. It seems after using it for 2 or 3 weeks it still looks like a brand new without any tears being noticed. Visually you can’t find any damage at all on the rubber surface.

Tenergy 64-FX chart

My Thought

One thing I do not really satisfied with Butterfly is it keeps on changing the Tenergy rubber formula almost every year. I have been very satisfied with the T 64FX and I have played with this rubber for quite some time. It gives me quite good power, speed, spin, and control.

The durability of the rubber is super good where the performance is not degraded even I played with it for quite some time and very often. The only thing I don’t like is that the hardness of the rubber is not good enough. It is slightly soft.

Recently I just bought another new Tenergy 64 FX, and I found Butterfly once again change the formula. I can feel the new rubber is even softer than with my previous rubber. It is quite confusing for me as it is much softer than other rubbers for similar prices. The forehand support is almost close to none.

I do not really understand why Butterfly can change this expensive rubber to be lower quality. Hopefully, the company will change the way of manufacturing in the future.

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Warren Davies

5 thoughts on “Butterfly Tenergy 25-FX vs Tenergy 64-FX”

  1. The Tenergy sponge is famous for its “spring sponge” bubbles, while most Chinese rubbers are famous for sponges that can be used to squeegee a car window. Breaking out my Shore-A durometer, I tested the Tenergy at 34 degrees, the new Mars at its labeled 33 degrees, and the old mars at 39 degrees (5 points higher than its rating). When flopping the rubbers around in the air, the Tenergy is closer to feeling like a wet washcloth and the old Mars is like moistened cardboard. The new Mars feels MUCH closer to the Tenergy 05, but still a little stiffer.

  2. The hardness of a sponge doesn’t matter as long at the rubber doesn’t bottom out. Hardness doesn’t effect how much energy the rubber returns. It is the ability of the rubber to spring back that returns energy that makes the rubber efficient or fast.

    It is also important that the rubber stretches across the surface of the rubber and rebounds quickly. This is what cause the spin and high throw.

  3. The main problem I have with these new rubbers are the reputation of yinhe table tennis equipment. I know a friend of mine bought about 10 they were so cheap and he hated everyone of them. Who knows these might be different.

    Galaxy moon ping pong or milky way table tennis sounds like fun, that’s for sure.

  4. If you don’t try red diamond you are not serious about a rubber comparable to tenergy 05…lower throw angle, more spin and speed same weight 20% of the price

    I am going to try another rubber from that mob when i use them up but im dying to see how long they last

  5. Forget Red Diamond, everyone has gone crazy about Palio Thors recently. I am very interested in it too. It is a tacky tensor.

    Although I still want to try yinhe mars II

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