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Why Do Table Tennis Players Blow On The Racket and Ball?

If you are a delicate table tennis enthusiast, you will find that some table tennis players like to blow air at their rackets or on the balls before they serve the ball. Furthermore, they will rub with their hands or jerseys, or wipe with the towel after blowing it.

Many people are wondering why they have such action and what is the reason for them to do that? Does such a blowing action can reduce their stress, or can they get a better chance of winning simply by blowing on the racket or the ball?

blow ping pong ball

In fact, when it comes to air blowing, these are only found by some people who are more attentive or very passionate about table tennis. This is generally a behavior that players do during the preparation stage, whether it is blowing air to the racket or to the ball.

After blowing the air, they even wipe them with their hands or clothes towels. Such a habit seems to be a common action in Chinese athletes.

Here, I will try to figure out what is the purpose for them to do so.

Blowing Air On The Racket

The purpose of the table tennis players blowing air is actually very simple because we know that the racket surface is made of rubber which is very delicate.

The constant hits on the rubber during the game are often exposed to the air. It will definitely get some dust after playing for some time and this is likely to affect the performance of the racket.

Therefore, blowing air on the racket is just to restore the racket to the initial state, to prevent these from affecting the outcome of their game.

Blowing Air On The Ball

Some table tennis players love to blow air on the ball is that they want to make sure the ball is dry enough when they do the serve. This can increase the friction on the rubber surface.

It is because the temperature and humidity are different when the game is held in different places. The temperature in some places may be very low and the racket may be stained with water mist.

During the gameplay, the water mist will be stained on the ball. Therefore, in order to get rid of the mist, the players will blow the air on the ball to make it drier so that they can avoid the ball slip off from the racket when they do the serve.

Blow on the new ball

If it is a new ball, most players will blow on it. After all, there will be particles and dust on the surface of the new ball which will affect the spin and speed when using the racket to hit the ball.

This will affect the quality of the playing stroke. Some players will even put the ball in their pockets to rub with the purpose to remove the dust and particles from the ball.

Caused By Sweating

Another reason is that during the match, the palms of the hands will sweat. When holding the ball, the sweat may stick to the racket and the ball.

In order not to affect the game and also to better control the ball, the players will blow their hands as well as the ball to keep it dry.

For this reason, some table tennis players will form such a relatively habitual movement, and you will find that many players will have such a habit.

In addition to keeping the racket and ball in a better state, a player can also give himself some time to calm down and release his tension during the game.

Physical Experiments

In related physical experiments, it was found that under the influence of cold, hot, wet and dry conditions, the elasticity of ping pong ball will change significantly.

Many professors in the Jiangxi University of Materials Science and Engineering said that the difference in humidity and temperature has an impact on ping pong ball. The difference between dry and wet conditions is particularly obvious.

From a physical point of view, the wetter the surface of the ping-pong ball, the greater the friction and the ball’s resistance will increase. Which can be more strenuous for table tennis players to play in the game.

The lower the temperature of the ball’s surface, the stronger the ball’s rigidity; the smaller the friction, the easier it can be played.

On the contrary, if the surface temperature of the ball becomes higher, the rigidity of the ball becomes weaker and the frictional force becomes more.

However, some professors also saying that blowing air on the ball does not make any significant changes in terms of wet, dry, cold, and warm of the ball.

So it may be that the surface of the ball is stained with dust. Blowing air can make the ball to become smoother and cleaner so that the player can do a better serve.

Unconsciousness Habit

Those table tennis players who often do this kind of action will become habitual over time. All these times, they will habitually perform these actions. They will also calm themselves down and use this short period of time to think about the next strategy.

Of course, these are the scientific explanations of some people. For more reasons, I still feel that this is a habitual problem. Each player will form his own unique training method in the training routine.

Often, there are players who find the time to calm themself down and think. Sometimes this kind of action may make the player feel relieved.

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