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Get A Ping Pong Conversion Top For You Billiards Table

Purchasing a pool table can be a major investment, but it provides lots of fun playing billiards with your friends and family in your recreation room.

Take Into Consideration Of The Size Of The Pool Table

Billiards tables come in multiple sizes, anywhere from seven feet up to 9 feet.  The choice of what to get can depend on a few factors. Firstly, what is the reason for buying a pool table? Is it for bar-style play or home recreational play?

Most major pool tournaments use nine-foot tables, while bars and pubs have eight and a half or eight-foot tables, and seven-foot tables are found exclusively in homes.

Also, what is the size of the game room where you will put the pool table? Smaller rooms may have some difficulty accommodating larger pool tables.

Transform Your Billiard Table Into A Ping Pong Table

By gathering all this information, you will have an idea of which ping pong table top you need to buy. In addition, whether the table can be used for multi-purposes for example, to play ping pong as well as billiards. 

You can easily transform a standard pool table or billiards table, just add a conversion top to your existing ping pong table. Some families don’t have enough room to store both a pool table and a ping pong table. For this reason, a ping pong conversion top is a great way to have twice the fun without taking up too much space.

Many people who want to purchase a ping pong table for home use or practice, often have questions concerning the ping pong tabletop, and with good reason. The thickness, smoothness, and material of a ping pong table top can all affect the quality of play.  It is important to do research depending on your reason for buying a ping pong table. Is it just for recreation or trying to improve your game to play at a tournament?

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For competitions, regulations require that the thickness of a tournament ping pong table top be at least three-quarters of an inch. However, most high-quality ping pong tables now have a ping pong table top that is seven-eighths of an inch or more. For maximum play and bounce, this is the best option.

Variety Options That You Can Choose

Today, you can find a wide variety of pool tabletops and table tennis conversion tops for pool tables on the market. They are readily available to accommodate a wide range of distinctive billiard and pool table sizes. A ping pong conversion top for your billiards table is perfect for anyone who wants to play pool as well as table tennis.
In essence, a table tennis top for a pool table uses the body and frame of a pool table so everyone can enjoy playing whenever they want to.
If you are looking at purchasing a ping pong conversion top, be sure to check whether the model you choose comes with a net and paddles. Most of these conversion tops do not. However, all accessories required to play can easily be purchased separately. They are readily available in several ping pong game kits.

Aware of Different Thicknesses

Your ping pong conversion top comes in different thicknesses. It is important to choose one that is most suitable for your level of play. Conversion tops with an extra thickness have a better bounce rate that resembles a real ping pong table. They are also more resistant to cracking.

For outdoor use, aluminum is a common material for a ping pong table top, although those that are made of wood and have a waterproof coating provide for better levels of play and a more realistic bounce.

Most indoor ping pong tables have a wood or wood composite ping pong table top, including the newer ping pong table conversion tops that are suited for swapping your dining room table or existing pool table into an indoor ping pong table.

With all these different models available, it is important to measure, the thickness of the ping pong table top to ensure the best quality and level of gameplay.
If you plan on using a ping pong table conversion top outside, make sure that the top is always brought inside when you are done playing. Another option is to properly weather-proofed for protection from moisture.

Before buying your ping pong conversion top, you’ll need to measure the surface you plan on using it on, as well as the dimensions of the room to ensure that there is adequate playing space.


Many lower end billiard tables come totally intact and with just a little assembly and start playing. However, some pool tables require the expertise of a billiard table professional to install both the slate and the pool felt.

The table tennis tabletop installation is rather easy. You just need to place 2 half of the tables on the top of your billiard table and lock them up, and you are good to go.

Brief Intro of Stiga Duo Ping Pong Table Conversion Top

This is an easy and convenient way for you to convert your billiard table to a table tennis table in a matter of seconds. Some vendors will only sell you the sole table tennis top without all the relevant equipment for you to play the game.

The equipment is inclusive of net, posts, paddles, and balls. When making your purchase, check with the vendor if these items are provided with your purchase. If not, you will need to pay extra for all this equipment.

STIGA Duo Table Tennis Top

For this Stiga Table Tennis Conversion Top, it comes with 2 models which are T814 and T814N. The difference between these two models is T814 comes without net and posts while T814N is included.


  • 1/2″ dark green top supported by 30″ center-mounted steel stiffeners.
  • Side stripes help align the top properly.
  • Sponge rubber strips protect rails and hold the top firmly in place.
  • Playing surface dimensions: 5′ W x 9′ D.
  • Fits 7′ and 8′ pool tables.
  • The weight is 110 lbs while the shipping weight is 118 lbs.

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