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Use Your Imagination and Inner Power To Win The Game

Most people who hear about digging up something may think that it involves a shovel and dirt. Others may think of it as a means of finding out about juicy secrets.

dig your inner power

Digging Out Your Inner Power

However, in the arena of table tennis, use your imagination or digging up your inner power is something that all players can do. This can be done even without getting dirty or being nosy!

To dig up your inner power, many players try all sorts of tricks. Now, I would like to share with you some of the tricks that I think are very effective if you try to practice yourself. You can try them out and find one or more than one that best suits you and stick to them.

Talking To Yourself In Front Of A Mirror

One great way is to psyche yourself up by talking to yourself in front of a mirror before a match. This has always been my personal favorite because you have the opportunity to look yourself in the eye.

Try to find a location alone (such as a bathroom or inside a car) that offers a mirror. This will keep others from thinking that you are crazy. The object here is to reaffirm yourself that you practiced enough for the match.

This will instill the confidence you have hidden.

Tell yourself that you are ready to dominate. Feel confident that what you tell yourself will carry out when it’s time to play your opponent.

Tell yourself that this is just a brief moment and you should show your amazing speed. You are clanging with a powerful roar, you should condense the strength of your whole body at this moment.

It is time for you to show your skill to the world, you should try harder. For this moment, you should put in all your passion into winning the game.

If you have strong faith in yourself, you are going to win the game. Believe in yourself and go all out, the victory is in sight, and loss will not reappear.

Think and Feel Yourself

If you do not add your own thoughts and feelings to the actual competition, then you cannot maintain your best condition. No matter how strong your opponent is, or what your current sentiment is, you should try to incorporate your own thoughts and feelings right away.

With such continuous practice, you can quickly feel your sentiments and emotions. If you feel nervous or your heart is beating fast, then you can quickly adjust your emotions and keep yourself in a calm and positive position.

Don’t ignore your own feelings. If you are afraid, accept that you are afraid now. Then let yourself be with fear. As long as you don’t escape this feeling, but accept it instead, slowly it will disappear and get away from you.

By continuing to practice this way, you can better master this newly learned “skill”. And once you do this, you may be able to comprehend more different thoughts and feels.

Visualize Yourself

Another way to dig up your inner power is to visualize yourself in full detail winning the match.

Just before a match, find a corner alone where you can play the match in your head. Five to ten minutes will be all the time that you’ll need.

Use your imagination to see how you should respond when a ball has topspin, backspin, and no spin. Go over your serves by replaying the techniques involved in performing the shot. It helps to use the same movements with your hands, without the racket, just as you would in a match.

When I started employing visualization techniques my game improved dramatically. If you really get in the habit and CLEARLY visualize yourself performing how you want to, then there is no question it will have a positive effect.

Visualization is the number 1 power utilized by all the greats of the world. Michael Jordan, Tiger Woods, Edison, they all knew the importance of visualization and you should too.

These simple techniques will help you prepare your mind mentally for any match. In fact, many of the top players often employ the same techniques. These techniques can also be great for when you’re practicing.

In short, digging up your inner power will help give you an edge over your opponents. And to think all of this can be done in such a little amount of time. Only five to ten minutes and pretty soon you will be charged up and ready to play!

Good luck to all of you and remember to focus on what you want (victory) and not what you are trying to avoid (losing). There is a HUGE difference between the two. As they say in martial arts:

“If you think you might lose, you’ve already lost.”

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