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Know About Ping Pong Massage

Many people are curious and wondering what is ping pong massage all about. Well, what does it really mean?

Some people are saying it is actually a traditional Bangkok massage. When you happen to be in Thailand and going for a traditional Thai massage, you may come across where some centers are offering you with ping pong massage.

ping pong massage
ping pong massage

Some local people also call this type of massage as chap kah sai, which is in Thai language. If direct translate it is mean a male genital massage purportedly for health reasons.

How the Process?

The massage is carried out with relaxing oil. And will include the stimulating foot massage. Once it is complete, you will feel your body is very relaxed and your mind is calm. You will be very focused.

Some masseurs who studied massage can really pinpoint your state of health once they rub and press your body. Some can even know your pain spot just by feeling your veins. Thus, if you want to get a real ping pong massage, you must go seek for a real guru. If it’s not done properly you may have some uncomfortable feelings.

Most of the time, the masseur aren’t going to look at your dick at all. They’ll use a cloth to cover your groin area and then simply massage your body under the cloth. Other than relaxing oil, some masseurs will use prickly heat powder, and some even will use baby lotion as well.

What Effect Will You Get?

The massage mostly focused on the base of the penis. This includes the balls and perineum spot or the area between the anus and scrotum. The real great massage effect may even provide you with a prognosis of your underlining sexual problems.

Right after the process, you may want to go to the washroom to urinate and release all of the ‘toxins’. After the fine tuning, you will feel rejuvenating.

Men who often go for a ping pong massage claim it helps improve their sexual prowess too. Some men claimed that the massage package is inclusive of handjobs which are not true. I have tried for a few times on different massage parlor for ping pong massage and never has anyone offering such a service.

Most of the masseurs are very experienced and have very good skills. I think the handjob thing maybe was included in some parlors just as a package because of the market demand.

Ping Pong = Prostrate?

The term ‘prostrate massage’ is really very misleading while the Thai term ‘ping pong’ is much more accurate in term of what they really do. The goal of this particular massage is heightening the male’s libido. Nevertheless, I’m definitely not enjoying it. I have experienced this type of massage for a few times and I not really find it enjoyable or relaxing.

Who Can Benefit From Massage?

The Question of who can benefit from massage has an easy answer, everyone can benefit!!!! The real question should be how can I benefit from massage?

The Too Many Responsibilities Person

The everyday person is most people out there, that have to work a job, take care of kids, have responsibilities, don’t have enough time, get to the gym some of the time, have some old injuries, etc. You get the idea.

Most of these people suffer from some sort of stress-related symptoms, have difficulty sleeping at times, get pretty sore when they get to the gym and could use some extra relaxation.

For these folks, an hour-long massage could do wonders to assist with all of the previously mentioned symptoms. One hour a month or even just one hour every couple of months can be a great reward and looked forward to with eager anticipation. The days after the massage will be luxurious and relaxed, things that bothered you before will slide away.

The Ouch That Hurts Person

For the chronically injured, make sure you get proper medical advice before starting any massage program. You too could make all the same gains as mentioned above but massage could also help relieve pain, increase the range of motion, optimize your body to assist with recovery and give you a better perspective. Pain is a difficult thing to live with and anything that helps improve your quality of life will be greatly appreciated.

The Weekend Warrior

For you, this could be a huge benefit. You may go out on the weekend and run a marathon or spend all of Saturday rock climbing and hanging in a harness. Then come Monday you find the office chair to be more uncomfortable and confining than usual.

You could certainly benefit from pain relieving, swell reduction, side effects of a good massage, not to mention the mood-related benefits. Help your body and mind recover from the taxing fun you subject your self too.

For the Athlete

You probably already know all of the benefits of getting a good massage but you may have forgotten that the massage could help give you that extra edge you need to really be a competitor. Athletes are able to operate at peak performance only when they are properly optimized and in a good mental state.

After all of the physical training, most athletes will agree that the battle is largely mental and any mental edge that they can gain will help them out immensely. Go ahead gain the edge and make sports massage a regular part of your program.

I really love receiving a ping pong massage. I sometimes stop by at a massage parlor when I visit Thailand and learn what’s fresh as well as popular trends in the realm connected with massage therapy.

Since we figured out just how to use the net it made it easier for us to find out more on health spas and also massages even more. People today claim that one has to love what you do to reach your goals and it is entirely accurate and it’s been our own motivation moving ahead with our own endeavor.

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