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Colored 3-Star Ping Pong Balls

Every accessory used in ping pong game affects the overall game. Different accessories give different experiences of the game. Professional players can be very fussy in their choice of accessories and may take time to examine accessories up to the last degree, gram and inch.

This is because professional players understand the effect different dimensions add to the game of ping pong. Beginners do not need to be particular, they may even find simpler accessories serve them better and allow them to get accustomed to the game. The ball is an important part of the ping pong game.

colored ping pong balls

Standard Ball Dimensions

In a professional tournament, the ball must have certain specific dimensions. The current rules state that the ball must be 40mm in diameter. This was changed from an old rule that required the diameter of the ball to be 38mm.

The new dimensions slowed down the ball and made it visible to the TV audience. The market has many balls that come in many different sizes. Some people prefer variation in sizes because it makes the game more dynamic. It also allows a beginner to train with a slower ball until he can learn to play faster.

Air Filled with Oxygen

The ball is air filled in order to get the required weight. Other materials used for filling the ball would make it heavier. A heavy ball would slow down the game and make it boring. The ball is normally filled with oxygen.

According to experts, oxygen allows the ball to bounce better and gives the proper weight for the required dimensions of the ball. The ball is usually made of celluloid which is one of the most inexpensive plastics. Celluloid gives the unique ivory white color of the ball.

The finish of the ball is made such that it can grip the racquet better and enable the player to create a spin by swerving the bat in one direction or the other depending on the kind of spin he wants for the ball. This technique can be used to deliver spectacular shots and spins.

Colored Accepted for International Tournaments

Most ping pong balls are yellow. International table tennis rules allow for two colors only during the game; white and yellow. The color yellow is preferred by many because of it I visible against any table color. In an official game, yellow or white may be used depending on the color of the table top.

Table tennis balls are made from many different types of plastics. Some plastics get worn out after being used for a long period of time. Even celluloid balls can smash when they are hit when moving at a high velocity. More durable plastics are more expensive than the ones that wear off quickly.

There are many brands and styles including colored ping pong balls, cheap ping pong balls, 1-star to 3-star ping pong balls, white & orange.  You can buy a net or a return board or a dispenser to practice on your own.  They’re also quite cheap and knowing where to buy ping pong balls is crucial. Buying online is by far the cheapest that you can get.

As a buyer, you should look out for star ratings written on the ball. A rating of three stars represents tournament level quality and is the highest quality of the ball in the market.

Fewer star ratings indicate a lower quality than what is allowed in professional tournaments. These balls are cheaper than 3 star balls, but wear off very quickly.

There is currently one type of very famous balls called XuShaoFa which is created with innovative technology to become seamless plastic balls, you may want to know more of this ball which can be a very quality ball for you to play with.

Different Between Plastic Ball With Seam, Seamless and Celluloid Ball

Ping pong balls are made out of celluloid or plastic substances like Polyethylene Terephthalate and are more air resistant.


The bounce of the balls:

  • Celluloid: 12.0cm
  • Plastic (with seam): 11.5cm
  • Plastic(seamless): 14.5cm

From the results of the bounce experiment, the strongest rebound ability is the one that made of seamless plastic, followed by the celluloid table tennis. The least bounce is the plastic ball with seam.

For the seamless ball, it is more uniform, and the energy loss during the stress process is also smaller. Therefore, it can also produce a stronger rebound.

At the same time, the new plastic ball with seam is having a bigger size, so it has some impact on the bounce of the ball, which makes it not bounce as high as the celluloid ball.

However, the difference between the two is only apparent after increasing the force conditions.


There was an experiment carried out which throw the ball and let it fall vertically. In the silent environment, the sound of the plastic balls either with seam of seamless is stronger than the celluloid ball.

Besides, the plastic ball has the slowest sound attenuation, which means this ball has the longest vocalization time, followed by the plastic ball with seam.  While the sound of traditional celluloid ball is short and concentrated.


The change in the feel of hitting the ball is caused by the change of the vibration. After all, when the ball is being hit, it will be transmitted to the player through vibration. Therefore, the vibration intensity of the ball is directly related to the change of the feel in the player’s hand.

  • Celluloid: 61.97
  • Plastic (with seam): 61.98
  • Plastic(seamless): 63.77

Through the vibration test after using the vibration measuring instrument, the average value was found. The highest vibration intensity in the experiment was the plastic seamless ball, followed by the plastic with seam. The celluloid ball is having the smallest vibration intensity.

The difference in the vibration amplitude between the plastic ball and the celluloid ball is almost can be negligible.

Therefore, for a player who is extremely sensitive when using it may feel the vibration of the seamless ball. However, it is difficult for the player to feel the vibration at the level of human perception for the plastic ball with seam and the celluloid ball.

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