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Bizarre Ping Pong Show in Thailand

If you think ping pong show is a live table tennis tournament event to watch, then you are totally wrong. It is not related to a table tennis match at all. It is not a sporting type event either. In fact, a ping pong show is some sort of stage entertainment in strip clubs that are very common in Thailand.

ping pong show
ping pong show

It is a type of sex show in which women shoot ping pong balls out of their vagina. Although ping pong ball is the most iconic object being used in the show, there is no limit on other items that can be used. They are capable of so many different articles which include cigarettes, darts, frogs, goldfish, coca-cola lid, and many more.

Those articles can be put into the vaginal cavity, retain in there, and get ejected after a while.

The show is very popular in a few areas in Thailand which include Bangkok, Phuket, Pattaya, Hatyai, Patpong and some other places. The show been thrived for decades and is received a warm welcome from foreign tourists.

Patong Beach – One of the Popular Ping Pong Show Spots

Patong Beach - Phuket
Patong Beach – Phuket

If you happened to be in Patong Beach or Bangla Walking Street in Phuket, you will find yourself surrounded by pubs and bars and there are many local men who will try to approach you and making some “popping” noises with their mouths. They will then ask if you want to watch ping pong? Another famous place would be the Patpong Market in Bangkok.

Bangla Walking Street
Bangla Walking Street

If you wish to take a look at what is the show all about, it is best for you to negotiate and confirm everything with the barman before getting in. Or else you may get scammed by having to pay a lot more than what they initially asked for.

Don’t Get Scammed by the Bar Men

You need to double confirm the cost and make sure the barman is agreed with it like 150 baht for all shows and not for each individual show. For the tips to give to each show you may need to also ensure you are not over tips. Most of the showgirls will ask for 150 baths for each show, if you think it is too much, you may just give 100 baths.

If you want to play safe, it is best for you to pay the entry fee and price of a beer in advance. By doing so, you no need to approach the barman when you want to leave. Once the show is over, you can just leave quickly so you won’t let your pocket to burn a hole.

Do understand that some bars are having the ping pong shows in semi-nude while some bars are having the show in totally nude. Most of the women on stage are of their middle age and aren’t pretty in looking. Some even have a belly. So, don’t set so high expectations when you go to watch a ping pong show.

What To See?

When the show starts, you will witness some amazing things happened right before your eyes. A showgirl may pop off a bottle cap with her vagina, and another showgirl will use her vagina to smoke a cigarette. And the show will keep going on with all sorts of stunning performance with their vagina including pulling strings, writing with a pen, shooting darts and popping balloons, shooting ping pong balls, and so on.

Some people think this is very disgusting when they see all these performances are doing with women’s private parts. But some people think this is quite amusing and entertaining. Most of the foreigners feel this is really an intriguing show which they never see in their life.

So, you may want to try for once in your lifetime if you are planning to go to Thailand.

My Story

A few years ago, I went to Thailand with my best friend. One night, I suggest going to watch the ping pong show. After having our dinner, we went to Kao San to find “dukduk” car to take us to Pat Phong. The driver knows that we are going to see the show, and he introduced some of the famous ones to us.

After negotiated with the driver about the price, finally we decided to pay 400 Baht per person for admission. The fees including a glass of beer or a drink, and we can watch it indefinitely.

When we getting in, the lights inside are dim. We chose to sit in the front row, ordered a glass of Whiskey, and waiting for the show to begin. The people we look around are almost all men, and of course, many of them are Westerners. Some Westerners are having a Thai girl sitting next to them. After waiting for a while, the “show” officially began.

First Show Began

With strong music, the first girl appears on the stage is wearing only bra and underwear. Follow the strong music, the girl keeps twitching her body. The seductive movements are really enticing.

Later, she took off her bra and underwear, revealing her breast and sleek buttocks. A living naked girl is standing right in front of us on the stage and dancing. The first shot was enough to make a man with a nosebleed. And I was curious as to what trick they would play next.

Ping Pong Show Began

Immediately afterward, some girls appear on the stage. They stood naked on the stage and dance. Then, they brought some unexpected surprises to the audience. They used their “private part” to present some amazing performances for everyone.

At first, I still felt a little embarrassed. But I was gradually enjoying the show as they really perform very hard. Some girls pulled a long rope from the private part, and what’s more, the rope was tied with a small shaving blade. Seeing this scene is really scared the sh*t out of me!

In addition, some girls use their private part to blow the candles on the cake and some use the private part to smoke. All kinds of performances make the audience look amazing and we just clap our hands non-stop. Although these weird performances sound a bit unimaginable, I really witnessed them.

Funny Thing Happened

There was a girl who makes a “mistake” on the stage. In fact, the movements she did were quite difficult. She stuffed a ping pong ball into her private part and placed a glass on the ground.

Originally, she should push the ping pong ball out of her private part and fall into the glass accurately. But she missed it. The ping pong ball not only did not fall into the glass, but it hit the audience instead. This triggered a burst of laughter from the audience.

In fact, the ball was bounced to my seat. Watching the ball fly in my direction, I ran away. The girl on the stage immediately went to my seat and pick up the ball. Actually, the ball is just right under my feet, but I did not pick it up because I feel quite disgusting as the ball was fell out from her private part!

The girls’ performances won warm applause and cheers from the audience. The men audiences seemed to be more excited. After the quirky performance of the sexy girl, it went into another climax of the show.

Intercourse Show

The next show is a pretty young lady and a middle-aged man. The lady also only wore a bra and underwear; while the man just wears underwear.

The rhythm of the music began to slow down, and the whole scene was projected onto the stage. The lady and the man began to kiss each other. Gradually, they turn from kissing to touching each other.

The kiss became more intense, then they took off their bra and underwear and started intercourse. They performed a variety of make love gestures on the stage. From their facial expressions and body movements, I can see that they are just “work”, they don’t seem to enjoy it at all. I feel kind of fake. I was thinking, maybe they have to perform like this on the stage every day, and they have been “bored” with this.

Frankly speaking, although they are “making love” on the stage, I feel that the “magic” performances of the girls have been more refined, at least we are thrilled.

After this, the one-hour show is over. Some people start leaving, but we still sit in and wait for the second show to begin. But what we found is that the girls who had performed on the stage had come to the audience and they began to “attack” the men.

They have been surrounding men audiences all the time. Even a few young Japanese men sitting behind us could not escape from them. Looking at this situation, we jokingly said: “Why didn’t anyone come to us?” Of course not, because we are women.

After a break, the second “show” began. After seeing the first girl who appeared, I found that it was the same as the first “show”. No wonder when we bought the tickets, they said that we could watch them as many times as we can. We feel like getting cheated now.

Since it is the same show, we don’t have to watch it again, so we leave. After coming out from the bar, the two of us can ‘t stop discussed the show. Of course, I am convinced that they are professionally trained. Otherwise, how can they make such difficult movements?

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